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Siemens, VDO CDR 500


Vauxhall Siemens, VDO CDR 500


If you are from outside of the United Kingdom then we are unable to process orders that require shipping.

Security codes from serial numbers may be obtained via email – Payment will also have to be done via a payment request sent to your email.

Fill in the product enquiry below to proceed.


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Some radio codes can be generated from the serial number or other information on them.
This make and model must be physically connected with our equipment to find out the security code.
We can also unlock your radio if it is locked.

So you will have to send the unit to us so we can do the work.

Quick turn around by post, same-day service & return on most models.

If you live near Swansea then we can come to you to do the work.

Product Enquiry

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