Sony CD345 MCA DAB

If you are unsure about what information we require when using our “Code from Serial” service then feel free to ask us a question using the “Product Enquiry” section further down the page…


Ford Sony CD345 MCA DAB BS7T-18C939-?? – HCD345?? – V


If you are from outside of the United Kingdom then we are unable to process orders that require shipping.

Security codes from serial numbers may be obtained via email – Payment will also have to be done via a payment request sent to your email.

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We can supply the security code for this radio unit without you having to send it to us.

Simply submit your radio details, then sit back and wait for us to E-Mail your security code number back to you, it’s that simple!

If you live near Swansea then we can come to you to do the work.

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